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   PC Building CheckList
  ATX case & Power supply
Floppy disk drive
Hard drive(s)
CD-RW drive *
CD-ROM drive *
DVD-ROM drive *
Removable-media drive *
AGP graphics card
Sound card
Network card
Operating system
* Optional
It is increasingly popular to build your own computer. In most cases, it saves money, and it guarantees you get what you want. It also assures you avoid proprietary designs many companies use to keep you coming to them for new parts. Best of all, having built the system yourself, you become very familiar with that system and with computers in general.

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The Following Simple Step By Step Instructions, will Help You in building your own PC The Fastest, Easiest and Safiest Way...

Purchase / Collect The Components

Remove Case Cover
Case Preparation
Configure Your Motherboard
Install the CPU
Install Heat Sink/Fan
Install the Cache Module
Install Memory
Install the Motherboard
Install the I/O Connectors & Mouse
Hook the Motherboard to the Case
Install Floppy Drive
Configure the Hard Drive & CD-ROM
Mount Hard Drive
Install the CD-ROM(s)
Connect the Floppy Drive
Connect the Hard Drive
Connect the CD Drive(s)
Install The Video Card
Initial Boot-Up
Configure The BIOS
Test The System
Prepare the Hard Drive
Install The CD-ROM Driver
Install The Operating System
Finally Your Creation

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